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Why Having Sex Before Marriage Is Okay - A Persuasive Essay Example

Description: Stop limiting yourself to old-fashioned moral values. Read this essay to understand why premarital sex is a necessity but not the taboo.
A lot of parents, especially those who are religious persons, have taught their children not to have sex before marriage. The times changed, but some persons still continue doing it, whereas children have to hide their private life; otherwise, parents will severely lambaste them or even stop communicating with them. People are influenced by this bias from everywhere, including educational institutions. Abstinence-only education became widespread across the USA and the whole world. But as we all know, the stolen waters are sweet, and the more society tries to ban sexual relationships before marriage, the more couples stop obeying these rules.
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Why Having Sex Before Marriage Is Worth It?

Even though we live in the 21st century, the significant amount of people who hear that someone had sex before marriage calls them immoral personalities. All that can be said about people who take such a view is that they are retarded retrogrades who don't understand basic things. Belief systems change, people become freer to choose what to do, and, as a result, many couples enter sexual relationships quickly. There's a low percentage of people who marry their first partner. Usually, we need to date different people to find the ideal person for us. And when we speak of the ideal person, we mean a coincidence of views and preferences. In this regard, ignoring sex is impossible.
First of all, sex is a natural need of any person. If the couple doesn't have sex with each other, sooner or later, they'll start looking for it elsewhere. No one person wants to be cheated, so it's better to have sex. You'll be amazed by finding out how many strong relationships and even marriages end because the couple didn't have sex. You hardly want to join the ranks of these people. Have premarital sex and be sure that your partner won't lose interest in you.
The absence of sex is harmful to health. You should remember that sex is a natural process. Don't think that it's the way to show love and affection to your partner and nothing more. If you're feeling ill, just think, perhaps, it's due to the lack of sex in your life. Numerous researches proved that sex is necessary to reduce stress level, normalize blood pressure, reinforces the immune system, and reduced the risk of genital diseases. Do you still want to wait until the marriage and voluntarily increase the probability of being hospitalized?
Finally, sex is a sign of commitment. When you truly love someone, you can't resist the temptation to show it to the full, and sex becomes a good way to do it. It's a chemistry between two people that gives unforgettable feelings to both partners. No matter how conscious you are and how hard society condemns premarital sex, relationships won't be full without this aspect.
It's possible to enumerate the reasons why premarital sex is okay for a long time. Here each person decided for himself or herself. Be sure that people's views will change soon. Even now, the opponents of sex constitute a minority in society.