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Once Upon A Time

Gina was walking around Universal. She was in her favorite park, which was Island of Adventure. She had just gotten off Rip Ride Rocket and was trying to find Jackson so they could leave on time in order to make it to the Halloween party. Eventually she had found him by the ride Minions. They walked out of the park, through security, and after a good few minutes they found their car. First they needed to go by the house to change for the party. Gina was going as Princess Jasmine and Jackson was going as an Aladin. It was actually Jacksons idea to have corresponding outfits since they were best friends. After finally pulling all of her jewelry pieces together Gina and Jackson had finally left for the annual Halloween party. On the way there, Gina and Jackson were debating on whether the 2012 Shelby Cobra Mustang was better than the 2011 SS Camaro. Eventually, the pair had arrived at the party and walked in together as others “ooo” and ‘ahh” at their corresponding costumes. Gina had counted a total of 56 compliments from the distance of the car to the front door. Jackson saw some of his friends and went over to mingle as Gina walked around gazing at the decorations of the party and everyone's costumes. After awhile of aimlessly walking around, Gina had stumbled across an abandoned haunted house and being her curious self, she strolled inside the house. Even though the outside looked like it was from hundreds of years ago, the inside looked like it has been renovated yesterday. It has crisp, clean corners and what seemed to be a new coat of fresh white paint. Even though the house was clearly abandoned, the house had plenty of amenities for someone to live comfortably in the house. She soon realized as walking throughout the house, objects in the house began to change. She realized that if she thought of something that she wished to be in the house, it would then appear a few seconds later. Soon enough, she got bored of walking around and around and tried to find the exit of the house. After walking down a set of never ending stairs, she made it out of the house and went to find Jackson. She found Jackson attempting to pin the broom on the witch, which he failed desperately at and she attempted to tell him about the house. Even though Gina tried to explain it to Jackson, he still did not believe her. Gina even attempted to show him the house, but as she reached the point of where she found the house, she realized that it was not there anymore. Jackson then gets annoyed with Gina for wasting his time and storms off back to the party as Gina sadly watches him leave. Crazy enough, though when Gina turned back around the house appeared again. She was flabbergasted that such a phenomenon was possible because for one, it's a house which seems to be magical and two it can appear and disappear at its choosing. Gina wanted to explore the house more out of curiosity, but it was starting to get late and the party was dying down. Gina sulked to the car and waited for Jackson patiently. As they drove home they discussed the party and Jackson apologized for popping off of her. 

The next morning, Gina woke up bright and early for her usual run and decided to go to the extremely odd house. Gina caustionasly walked inside the house, afraid of what would be awaiting her since it was a setting that had a varying amount of unknown properties about it. As Gina was walking through the house she heard a faint voice as she passed what seemed to be the closet door. When she opened the door in which the source of the voice was coming from a flash of purple, bright light flew out of the closet and a booming voice said “Gina it is your lucky day” in what I would call a salesman voice. The purple light, then formed itself into a genie(make the forming of the genie more descriptive. LIght swirling or something like that) ;whos named happened to be Genie and gave the whole speech of three wishes, can’t wish for more wishes, etc. After having the whole speech about rules Gina sat there quietly trying to comprehend what had just happened. Excitedly Genie asked Gina what her first wish would be and the first thing that came to Gina’s mind was money. While most think this is a selfish decision, Gina was wishing for money in order to help her mother pay the bills she had been struggling with. Jackson questioned where Gina had got the money from but eventually blew it off. A few days later, Gina had returned to the odd house in order to make a wish, but this time she wished for popularity. Gina soon realized that her wish for popularity was a mistake because soon after Gina was popular, however she was popular for the wrong reasons.(how was it for the wrong reasons?) After about a month of this ongoing situation Gina had returned to the odd house. Gina complained to Genie about how her wish back fired. Genie tried to explain that you have to be more specific when it comes to wishing for such vague things. After not hearing what she wanted to hear Gina stormed out of the house and went home. What hurt her the monster was even Jackson, who had been her best friend since the first grade did not like her as a friend anymore and wanted to move out. Soon enough, Gina could not take it anymore and travelled to Genie to try and fix this awful situation she had put herself in. Soon realizing that she only had one wish let Gina realized what she had to do. She wished that she had never come upon the odd house. All she truly wanted was pure happiness for herself and those around. Through all of these wishes, Gina realized that what she needed most was to respect and enjoy the time she had with people and to be appreciative.